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Canabis legalized in Canada

On 17th October 2018 Canada legalized Marijuana. Cannabis was placed on the list of banned items in Canada in 1923, back then there was little resistance and protest. The journey to legalization of marijuana in Canada has not been all bed of roses. Thanks to one of the campaign promises of the current Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau. During Justin Trudeau campaign for office, he promised legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. This was a boost to the call for the legalization of Marijuana in Canada. By April 2017, Justin Trudeau in fulfillment of his campaign promise on the legalization of marijuana introduced the “Bill C-45”, a bill seeking the approval of marijuana for recreational purpose in Canada. The “Bill C-45” meet some resistance from so many quarters and even the senate was not left out. The Bill-C45 had no clear future with the lots of criticism it received. On 17th October 2018 Canada finally legalized marijuana.

Most cities in Canada had to set their own rules to guide the implementation of marijuana in the various cities. Cities had to create a safe environment for all in the wake of the legalization. One of such cities was Cornwall. Smoke Cornwall became a reality in January 2019, couple of months after marijuana was legalized in the country. Residents of Cornwall can access marijuana for recreational purposes just like residents of most Canadian cities. Accessing marijuana in Cornwall comes with some of its own restrictions. First residents must be up to 19 years of age before they can purchase marijuana. Another law regulating Marijuana in Cornwall is that it must be purchased from a federal licensed retailers. Those that want to grow for personal consumption can also grow within their residence but it should be limited to just four plants per residence. Smoking of marijuana can be done in public but only within areas where smoking of tobaccos is permitted. Individuals who smoke marijuana outside the permitted zones would be fined. Also individuals are only allowed to carry a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis in public.

The city of Cornwall received $56,315 from the Ontario government as compensation for projected increased costs for legalizing cannabis. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario would be solely responsible for granting license to organizations that would want to venture into the port business. One great benefit marijuana smokers have in Cornwall is that of feeling free to smoke where ever the tobacco rule applies. This is much better than very strict rules that applies in some cities.